Velázquez Bungalows


Avenida de Las Playas, 8 Puerto del Carmen Lanzarote - CP: 35510

Tel: +34 (928) 513 800 Fax: +34 (928) 513 864

El Greco Apartamentos

The elegant bungalow complex VELAZQUEZ, situated right by the beach in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, is a fabulous project created by the famous artist Cesar Manrique. With this design he has managed a perfect integration between architecture and nature, since this fascinating complex does not rise above street level.

Ideal for people who are looking for a relaxing and restful holiday it is built strategically close to restaurants, pubs, discos, Casino, etc.

Enjoy perfect comfort and any number of commodities in a magic island, where you can spend your holiday surrounded by a unique nature with a warm and sunny climate all year round.

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